Great New Things Happening at Sub Noir!

Hopefully you have had a chance to try some of the special and unique things we make here at Sub Noir. Maybe one of Michael Stagner’s special aged sour beers or his popular Zee Count that is fermented with Count Chocula cereal, If not please come down and find something you like. Undoubtedly there is always something new around the corner that could be a one off project, a collaboration beer, or something that turns into another staple beer that shows up on the tap regularly.

We are also happy to announce that Sub Noir has added two business partners to the mix to join Michael in his quest to make the most unique, high quality beers for everyone to enjoy. The additional owners Corey Brinkmann and Eric Llyod will help round out the team and will allow Michael to focus on making beer, the thing he loves to do! Corey will help shape the vision, brand and experience side of the business, and Eric (the fire starter) will be focused on sales, business logistics and both are expert drinkers of beer of course.

We have already started the process of making some changes to the front of the business, by adding some new mid-century furniture, a bar and our favorite new addition a 1960 Magnavox Imperial Hi-Fi. We will be holding some regular vinyl listening events this year (more to come on that soon). So if you love beer, music and cool little spaces to hang out in… please stop by and enjoy!


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