Owners Eric Lloyd, Michael Stagner and Corey Brinkmann

Sub Noir is a nano brewery located in Raleigh North Carolina. Our mission is to create unique beers in small batches for everyone to enjoy. You can find our beers in our tap room and in a select few restaurants and bars in Raleigh.

Known for his Sours and barrel aged beers Michael started Sub Noir back in 2012 and was the 40th brewery in North Carolina. Now there are well over 350 breweries, and the craft beer scene in this state is still growing. Our goal is to stay small, make rare and unusual beers using magic, years of experience and some luck. We also love to mix it up with the local home-brew community and collaborate with other breweries to make some fun and interesting beers. If given a little notice, we can also make you a beer for an event or occasion if you like a beer we make, or want to make something custom. Just contact us for details.

If you want to hear the long “About” version, stop down for some conversation and quality beer!