Taproom Hours Change

Hello friends. We wanted to update you on some temporary changes to our taproom hours. We will not be open every Friday and Saturday as we have some changes to make in the back and work on some new products.

We will however be open a few choice days a month and also for our Vinyl Line Meetup group and soon to be game nights. We will announce more details as move forward.

We will be using this time to fully work on production of not only Sub Noir beers, but we will also be developing some project beers and kombucha. On top of all this we are also getting ready get licensing and equipment to start working on our spirits for Dead Oak Distillery. Needless to say we have a lot going on!

Don’t fret though, you will still have chances to come down and drink with us, and will be able to get our beer at a few choice bars and restaurants in Raleigh and elsewhere soon enough!

Our updated space will also still be available for private events, so if you would like details about renting the space, or carrying our beers at your fine establishment, please send me an email at corey@subnoir.net.

Thanks for your support and patience as we are improving things here at Sub Noir and keep your eyes peeled for new products on the horizon!

New Threads!

We are happy to announce we have some new apparel for all to enjoy! We did a run of some new “Rare & Unusual” Sub Noir shirts in black and slate blue option and an “Under Black” shirt on white. We have men and women’s sizes, but they are going fast so make sure you get one before we are out of your size. We will print some new stuff soon and have some tanks in mind.

We also have an early release and very limited run of the “Vinyl Line” shirts in light blue and light pink. Featuring an overlapping spiral design and logo on the back.


Vinyl Line Shirts

What is the Vinyl Line you ask? It’s a Meetup we are starting and will host at Sub Noir on Thursdays. Each event will be center around a music theme for that night… themes like “Best of Miles Davis”, “Music of from Hopscotch”, “Pink Floyd – Dark Side of the Moon w/Wizard of Oz sync”, “A Night of Frank Ocean”… etc. We will have a schedule published soon and will start in the next month or so. So stay tuned!

All shirts are printed by myself (Corey) and Adam Peele at his studio. 

Happy Birthday Jorma!

We are honored to have been able to christen the in progress Sub Noir Lounge by celebrating Jorma a.k.a. “J. Granberry”s 34th birthday. We danced, we laughed we drank our prototype “Project 5” IPA and it was all on point! Jorma’s better half Jessica helped organize the event and made a double chocolate cake. More than half of the cake was enjoyed before gravity kicked in and it hit the floor… we will never forget that poor cake.

We also added a special and hard to find Frank Ocean // Blond double vinyl set to our collection to commemorate the event. Needless to say, it melted peoples face and great times were had.

Who’s birthday is next?

Great New Things Happening at Sub Noir!

Hopefully you have had a chance to try some of the special and unique things we make here at Sub Noir. Maybe one of Michael Stagner’s special aged sour beers or his popular Zee Count that is fermented with Count Chocula cereal, If not please come down and find something you like. Undoubtedly there is always something new around the corner that could be a one off project, a collaboration beer, or something that turns into another staple beer that shows up on the tap regularly.

We are also happy to announce that Sub Noir has added two business partners to the mix to join Michael in his quest to make the most unique, high quality beers for everyone to enjoy. The additional owners Corey Brinkmann and Eric Llyod will help round out the team and will allow Michael to focus on making beer, the thing he loves to do! Corey will help shape the vision, brand and experience side of the business, and Eric (the fire starter) will be focused on sales, business logistics and both are expert drinkers of beer of course.

We have already started the process of making some changes to the front of the business, by adding some new mid-century furniture, a bar and our favorite new addition a 1960 Magnavox Imperial Hi-Fi. We will be holding some regular vinyl listening events this year (more to come on that soon). So if you love beer, music and cool little spaces to hang out in… please stop by and enjoy!