Taproom Hours Change

Hello friends. We wanted to update you on some temporary changes to our taproom hours. We will not be open every Friday and Saturday as we have some changes to make in the back and work on some new products.

We will however be open a few choice days a month and also for our Vinyl Line Meetup group and soon to be game nights. We will announce more details as move forward.

We will be using this time to fully work on production of not only Sub Noir beers, but we will also be developing some project beers and kombucha. On top of all this we are also getting ready get licensing and equipment to start working on our spirits for Dead Oak Distillery. Needless to say we have a lot going on!

Don’t fret though, you will still have chances to come down and drink with us, and will be able to get our beer at a few choice bars and restaurants in Raleigh and elsewhere soon enough!

Our updated space will also still be available for private events, so if you would like details about renting the space, or carrying our beers at your fine establishment, please send me an email at corey@subnoir.net.

Thanks for your support and patience as we are improving things here at Sub Noir and keep your eyes peeled for new products on the horizon!